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Susan Abney


Susan Abney is a mom of two, wife, healer, intuitive, crafter, and more. With a love of natural, homeopathy remedies, essential oils, crystals, divination, and a desire to help people, Of The Earth Metaphysical Supply was born in 2017. Susan believes everyone should have a safe place to be themselves without judgement, and to be around like-minded people with whom they can be comfortable with. She had a small shop in Chaffee, but mostly sold online by doing live shopping videos. Her client base grew along with her Facebook group, which led her to be able to get better products over time. Susan started going to conventions, pop ups, and farmers markets in 2018. Without all of the help and support over the years, Susan knows that she would not be where she is today. Many thanks to all of her past, present, and future customers!

Susan has explored various sectors of Christianity, and after an Awakening, ultimately decided on her spiritual path in 2016/17. As of 2021, her spiritual path has lead to Paganism alongside her husband. Susan has been a practicing energy healer since 2017. Unknowingly, she has been practicing much longer. She has a gift of seeing colors with people, music, animals, and more. It is used to help guide people, give messages, and to help heal. She is still learning things daily, but is lucky to be surrounded by so many supportive friends and family who can help her during this journey.

(573) 803-1089

Susan Abney
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