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Raven Clark

Catnip dealer + Green Witch

Raven can be as feral as the cats she herds, while simultaneously sharing her love with the world. With a knack for gardening and a taste for kitty chaos, she found it within her to begin Niphead in 2016, finally growing and launching it in 2019. Raven was raised agnostic with a flair for the unknown until the age of 12. She was introduced to Wicca to get her paws wet in the world of magick. She practiced off and on again for years, ensuring her path was right for her and tasting various religious practices. Now, she has no religious affiliation, but a pull for the metaphysical workings of the universe.

She has found the knowledge never ends with her craft. Constantly growing, changing, and adapting her practice has been key to a successful witch. She hopes to share this with anyone who is interested. For those not so much, she hopes she can spread her love of cats to their hearts, for a cat's love may be conditional, but it is pure.

(573) 290-2289

Raven Clark
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