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What is Energy Healing?

Susan offers energy healing sessions that combine sound therapy to put clients into a meditative state (this allows the energy to be able to be manipulated), Crystal therapy (specific crystals to work on chakras and auras), along with energy healing to open the Chakras and cleanse them. A standard session takes approximately 25 minutes and is $30. $50 Premium sessions include everything in a standard session, you pick your incense of choice to burn during your session, we pick together a smudge bundle that we burn during your session (you get to take it home), and added spiritual/ ritual benefits that can be discussed before or at the time of service, all for $50. Tips are encouraged but not required . If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact through Messages on Instagram or Facebook. We are taking walk-in clients as well as appointment times. If you are seeking long-distance, let’s chat! Options are available. #energy #energyhealing #healer #healing #healingcrystals #healingjourney #meta #metaphysical #metaphysicalhealing #metaphysicalshop #semo #southeastmissouri #capegirardeau #capegirardeaumo #missouri


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