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New: Crystal carvings and tarot card plaques. Restocked: incense sticks, jewelry, & tumbles. Restocking soon: tapestries, books, decks, crystals, altar cloths, smudges, and etc.

Knotty Hooker- NEW: crocheted/knitted items such as ear warmers, tops, purses, pumpkins, and more.

Roy Foster Arty Foster Art - RESTOCK: daggers, pins, jars, pendants, & rings

Mean Mug Momma - NEW & RESTOCK: shirts shirts shirts lol. Earrings, wands, and more

Niphead - NEW & RESTOCK: cat speakers, toys with catnip, herbs, and more.

Nik-Naks - NEW: perfumes & tinctures. Restocking this week with tea & accessories.

Burning Ambition Candle Co. - NEW & RESTOCK: Palo Santo. Pineapple & Sage, & Cactus Flower & Jade.

The Mystic Brew Store - RESTOCK: Fall & Intention Candles

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