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Doors Close Friday 9/23 :(

Hello friends.

This week is going to be hard on all of us. I am sad that Friday is the last time our doors will be open to the public. Please come see our latest crystal and mineral inventory, and and grab fliers for the mystic market . We will be around doing shows, conventions, and online shopping through our lives and website. Please follow our group page on Facebook, keep tabs on Instagram, and even find is on the Tok. Our usernames are all the same (oftheearthmeta).

We are trying hard to get rid of incense and it’s been dropped in price. Pleasseeeeee come buy some. Much love and light to you all! P.S: Wands, sage clips, and hair sticks deliver this week! Stickers will arrive sometime this week as well, but depending on when they show up, I may not have them to put out before we close. You can see us at Cape Comic Con at the Drury Plaza Convention Center 9/30 -10/2 set up with Niphead and Roy Foster Art. I will send out another email on our upcoming vendor schedules!

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