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Fellowship of The Black Hats

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Welcome to our Pagan community where we once started as the Black Hats Society of SEMO. We have changed our name to try to be more inclusive, as well as have a more receptive response to our community when we choose to do fundraising as well as donating, volunteering, advertising, and more. This group is in the process of become a legal organization that will be completed by January 2022. We have many goals that we wish to accomplish for the SEMO area, and this is how we are going to do it! Want to join in? We have in-person meetings as well as a Facebook group to be with like-minded persons in our area. This was created to have a SAFE environment for those who follow a Pagan or similar path can meet and make friends. This group was founded by the owner of Of The Earth, Susan, as well as founding members Raven, Colt, & Kayla. This page will be used to update our meeting schedule, post when dues are owed, any scheduled events, fundraisers, and pictures. Some people wish to remain anonymous, and we respect that. If you join our community, you will need to respect their wishes as well.

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