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Mystic Market of SEMO

Semi-Annual Fundraising Event

Mystic Market of SEMO is a Semi-Annual Fundraising event. We raise money for local charities and persons based off a need that we think needs to be met. We host every April/May & last Saturday in October! Here is information regarding our upcoming show and the vendors attending. If you're wanting to have a booth, you'll need to message us on Faacebook. Thank you!

Mystic Market Fall 2022  Info


We are happy to announce that we have decided to work with SEMO Pets for the Spring 2023 Mystic Market. When we spoke with them to ask what their needs are, they stated that they are currently close to a $500,000 deficit for the year. They work mostly with fundraising to get the money they need to help keep their shelter running. They are also in dire need of a new building, as the one they are in, is not in great shape. They don't have much time left in this building before they could be forced to move.

One thing we love about SEMO Pets is that it is a no-kill animal shelter. They also provide vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter before adoption happens. So when you receive your new pet, they are ready to love immediately without the added stress of having to take them to the vet the second you pick them up.

We are still working out the fine details of if we will provide on-site adoption, so stay tuned for more details! Thank you for your continued support of our fundraisers!

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